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It is essential to have the right security measures in place to keep your stock secure and protect your employees from intruders, vandals or thieves. One way to do this is to install CCTV cameras on your property. Following are 7 good reasons why your business needs CCTV systems.

1. Effective at deterring would-be criminals – if your CCTV cameras are in plain sight of everyone, with warning signs that you have these systems protecting your premises, criminals will think twice about breaking into your property.

2. Reduced insurance premiums – insurance companies consider premises with CCTV to be more secure than those without, which means that your insurance company will be confident that there is less chance of your company being broken into. Having CCTV installed at your premises can therefore reduce your monthly premiums.

3. Reduced stress levels for you – there is no doubt that having CCTV cameras keeping an eye on your premises when you’re not there will give you peace of mind and reduced stress levels. No more worrying about thieves and vandals when you lock up at night or when you’re away on holiday!

4. Provides more safety for your staff – staff safety in the workplace should be your top priority and having CCTV cameras installed in strategic places, is an easy yet effective way to make sure that they are all safe. CCTV will not only see that your day staff can work safely during the day, but your night staff too, should they have to work overtime. These systems will not only protect your staff against uninvited criminals, but against fellow co-workers too, who show threatening behaviour.

5. Catches criminals red-handed – there are many times where criminals are too busy breaking in and stealing to notice that there are CCTV cameras watching their every move. This is when they are caught red handed whilst busy with their criminal activities. The cameras provide concrete proof of what they have done. Should you take these intruders to court, the footage from the CCTV cameras will be evidence enough to have them arrested and sent to prison.

6. Increased productivity – apart from using CCTV cameras to keep your premises safe from intruders, they also offer in-house benefits too, especially where productivity is concerned. Employees tend to work harder when they know that their boss is watching them, so with cameras in place, you are sure to see a significant increase in productivity. In addition to this, CCTV cameras can save time too, since they will allow quick and easy communication between the different departments as well.

7. Access control – one of the best things about CCTV, is that it gives you full access control. Your security cameras will allow you to see at all times, who is entering or exiting your property and will give you the ability to deny access to anyone who you feel looks suspicious, thus keeping your business and staff safe before any criminal activity could possibly take place.

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