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Who needs a Locksmith anyway?

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24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service

Virtually everyone will at some point in their lives need a locksmith. Despite what a panicked mind might think at the time, you can rest assured that using a professional is the safest, quickest, least stressful and consequently most cost-effective thing to do. Remember the adage, ‘pride before the fall’, and from quite a height if an attempt to climb through a bathroom window after a night out on the tipple is attempted.

Damage to Locks

Safety isn’t the only good reason for calling a locksmith. You can pretty much guarantee that without the correct tools, time served skills and experience, some sort of damage will be done to the lock, vehicle, door or window that is being worked on.

How about that time when the key snaps and gets stuck in the keyhole. The lock is fine and there’s probably a spare key. A professional locksmith can remove the broken key without causing any damage to the lock’s mechanism. The outer part of the lock will remain unscratched and dent free, which is what usually happens when an attempt is made to pull out the broken key using a screw driver and pliers.

A lock’s mechanism can get damaged after long term use through wear and tear. A professional locksmith may be able to service the lock. This can save money, as some locks can be very expensive to replace.

One must consider the implications that can arise with insurance policies when a lock hasn’t been fitted by a professional, as this may bring up flags when an insurance investigator visits after a break in. A professional locksmith will provide a written guarantee of workmanship and therefore, no attempt can be made by an insurance company to say that the cover is void due to a poorly fitted lock.


Ever considered having one key that opens all the locks on the premises. ‘Re-keying’ is a fantastic solution to this problem and is a service that your locksmith offers.

A locksmith can also provide valuable advice. They can carry out a security survey of your home or business and give you information about areas of weakness and required improvements. A door may have a great lock, but there may be other ways to enter the premises. Locksmiths have the training and experience to see weak spots and the skill to offer the right solution to this sort of problem. Using the services of a locksmith gives you access to a multi-talented craftsman who can fix many areas of your home or business.
Lock technology is continuously evolving. Professional locksmiths are fully aware of the latest security measures and technology entering the market.

Electronic keys, fobs and transponder keys

Transponder keys are used to start many cars, open electric shutters and gates and other key-less entry systems. These are specialist keys that are not kept by every key cutting shop. Professional locksmiths are licensed and insured to repair or replace this type of system.


More and more people are keeping safes in their homes and most businesses have a safe on the premises. Any decent safe, will be fixed securely to a wall or the floor. A locksmith not only ensures this is done correctly, they will also offer a consultation to ensure you pick the best safe for your personal needs.

So, to summarise, a locksmith can help you when locked out, to repair locks, cut keys, board windows, carry out security surveys and more. The benefits of using a professional locksmith far outweigh the costs, when it comes to securing your most prized possessions.

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