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Are you the kind of person who worries about the safety of possessions and family? Would you like more peace of mind when you lock the door and travel to work? Perhaps a discount on your home insurance might be very enticing. Or would you like to be able to give the impression you’re home when you’re not? All these can be solved by installing a home alarm system and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can do it yourself or bring in a professional to do it for you. To help you evaluate whether it’s worth the expense let’s look at some of the advantages.

The Advantages of a Home Alarm System

Proven deterrent – There have been a number of studies undertaken relating to the effectiveness of home alarm systems as a deterrent. Evidence shows that homes with alarms installed can make a significant difference to household crime in an area. And not just for those who have it installed. Residents have found a decrease in crime across the local area where the majority of properties have an alarm.

Peace of mind – This is an obvious benefit of installing a home security alarm. The minute you lock the door and leave home you can get on with your day without the worry of someone breaking in. If you’ve left children and animals at home unattended, you can also watch what’s going on. We promise we won’t tell if you don’t. Many of the modern systems available allow you to watch via remote cameras. So you can see the inside and outside of your home using a mobile phone.

Control electrical items and utilities – one useful feature of many alarm systems is that they allow you to switch on and off various electrical items around your home. Say you’re going away for a couple of weeks. It’s possible to programme the alarm system to switch lights on and off, giving the appearance someone is still at home. Thermostats can also be controlled remotely via the alarm system. Thereby allowing you to keep a tighter control of the utilities in your home. Possibly even saving money in the long run.

Reduced insurance premiums – Many household insurance companies will ask whether your home is alarmed when quoting for a policy. This is not just because your home is less likely to be burgled. It’s also so that a discount can be offered is a recommended alarm system has been installed. And that discount could be as much as 20%. It may be a requirement that the system is installed by a professional. But this isn’t always the case and some companies allow homeowners to install it themselves.

There’s a huge array of different home alarm systems to buy. It’s possible to get one to suit pretty much every budget. If you’re a little DIY savvy you could install a system yourself. But there’s always the options of getting a professional installation provider to do it for you.