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When considering your business premises, it’s not a good idea to leave security to chance. Let’s explore access control systems, what they can do, and the key benefits of having one installed …

Many of us will have been a visitor in a building with some kind of access control system, even if we don’t realise it!  One of the most basic types, which have been around for quite some time, is the intercom-type system which forces a visitor to press a buzzer and speak to somebody within the building before being permitted access.  These systems come in a variety of formats; the simple audio version where the visitor would simply make contact with a person inside the building or an upgraded visual version where the company representative would be able to see the visitor on a screen via a camera.

Although these systems are still in operation for smaller companies, larger companies will usually allow visitors to walk into a building as far as the reception desk.  This is where access control gets even cleverer!

Token access control systems are probably the most popular and convenient solution.  Such systems ensure only staff members with adequate permissions are allowed into certain parts of a building.  Doors remain securely locked until a token (usually a card or fob) with the correct authorisation is presented to the corresponding reader.

Whilst this may be enough for some businesses, there really are no limits with control systems like this.  Perhaps you have an area you don’t want every staff member to have access to – maybe the executive suite, the post room, the IT server room or roof access?  Every door can have a different set of credentials meaning you can limit exactly who accesses each area of the building. Not only that, but time limitations can also be programmed to the system meaning that certain parts of the building can only be accessed at certain times of the day and by certain individuals only.

What’s more, if an employee leaves the company or perhaps loses their card or fob, tokens are exceptionally easy to control and block if necessary.  The systems are easily programmable and give total flexibility and absolute peace of mind to any business.

Biometric readers are also becoming more commonplace.  They work in the same way as a token-based access control system but use an individual’s fingerprint instead of a card or fob.  Whilst the initial setup of this kind of system may be more complex, the security is second-to-none as fingerprints cannot easily be borrowed or lost!  Working similarly to the token access control systems, users can still be deactivated if they leave the company.

With security at the forefront of any business’s mind, ensure you invest in the right security solution for your organisation’s requirements. Speak with an expert today.

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