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Security Simplified – PDF

You may have read our post on access control systems.  These solutions are a great way to keep your premises protected during working hours.  But what about the evenings, weekends and holiday periods? How can you ensure your building and assets remain safe and secure when staff are not present?

Businesses in the UK lose millions of pounds each year to theft and vandalism.  Although a lot of organisations already have a commercial alarm in place on their premises, a great number do not. Statistics have shown that business premises without alarms are four and a half times more likely to be burgled than those with a reliable commercial security system.  With that being the case, an alarm really should be viewed as a necessity rather than a nice-to-have.

Commercial property alarms can be more cost efficient than you may think so here we look at the benefits of installing one…

First and foremost, the aim of an alarm is to deter intruders.  Often just seeing evidence of a fitted alarm may be enough to put off most trespassers.  However if a break-in does occur, an alarm is the best way to scare off the perpetrator and alert anyone in the vicinity of a potentially dangerous situation.

An alarm is now considered to be one of the most essential parts of a business’s operational strategy.  It is the single best way to protect your premises and the assets inside. Although security guards can offer a certain degree of safeguarding, a commercial alarm system is a device and associated service that is continuously working – no rest breaks, no naps, no stops for coffee!  The monitoring of the premises is by a series of sensors; so no worries about any human error! With an alarm, no on-site security personnel are required, meaning there is no possible risk to a staff member. The alarm systems use a series of sophisticated signals and sensors within the premises to detect movement within any part of the building and at any given time – this is functionality at its greatest and even the most experienced security guard couldn’t match its effectiveness.

Commercial alarm systems can be customised to a business’s specific needs.  Alarm service providers can make recommendations of systems to meet necessary UK standards and they can liaise with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure that any business-specific requirements and regulations are taken into account. 

A monitored commercial alarm system works in a similar way to a home monitored alarm system and can be either hard-wired or wireless installations. 

When sensors are triggered, signals are sent to an alarm receiving centre who will investigate the cause of the alarm and despatch the police rapidly if necessary.  These systems provide a most cost-effective solution with the added benefit of unequivocal reassurance for business owners.

With more recent technology it is possible to monitor the system remotely via an app, meaning you simply need a mobile phone with connectivity to the internet to have a constant overview of the security of your building.

When 24/7 security is this easy to set up and monitor, why would you not invest in an efficient and effective system that promises to keep your organisation and assets totally protected?