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Simplified Security – PDF

People spend a lot of money each year on their houses, home improvements, furnishings, gadgets and making their ‘happy place’ an even happier place.  With this in mind, many home-owners are becoming increasingly security-conscious in order to protect their home and belongings from potential intruders.

There are a variety of home security systems on the market and here we look at what is available and the benefits.

Audible only alarm – this can also be known as a ‘bells only’ alarm and, as the name suggests, is an intruder alarm which simply sounds an audible warning.  This may cause an inquisitive glance or a raised eyebrow from a neighbour but there will be no automatic police response. These alarms can be wired or can also be provided as a wireless system.  It is also possible to set up mobile phone notifications so that you can be alerted in the event of an alarm. The audible warning may be enough to deter an intruder but you may be looking for something more from your home security investment.

Monitored alarm – this system also sounds an alarm bell but has the added benefit of signals that transmit to an alarm receiving centre who will in turn inform the local police force who will attend the scene to investigate further.  Within the monitored alarm category there are a few sub-types; all differing slightly from each other:

DualCom is probably the most popular and recognised monitored alarm.  It uses the Vodafone network and your own phone or IP path to swiftly transmit intruder signals.  DualCom always has a back-up path in the instance of an accidental or deliberate fault on any path.

Digital communicators pass digital data to an alarm receiving centre 24 hours per day who can then respond according to your needs.  These systems give the centre additional information regarding who has set and unset the system plus invaluable information on specific rooms that have been entered.

BT Redcare offers a variety of packages; the most basic being a constant check that a phone line is actively working.  Further enhancements offered include added protection of a GSM radio back-up path with confirmed activations resulting in a response from the police. 

You would never knowingly put your family or home at risk so why not consider a home security system to protect your belongings and those who are important to you?